Echuca Community Church commenced by way of a Sunday school in the home of our first pastor, Buddy Smith, in High St. Echuca in 1972. It was originally called "The Independent Baptist Church", as Buddy Smith was supported by the American Independent Baptist Mission.

After 12 months meeting in Buddy's home the fellowship outgrew his house and moved to the R.S.L. hall. Church services were held there along with Sunday school. After about 10 years the church decided it was time to purchase it's own property.

After scaling the fence of the now defunct, "Drive in Theatre", (current Rose Street location) Neil Schroder met with Brian Weame and after some discussion, a deal was offered on the property that was too good to refuse.

In the early days at Rose Street we had difficulties meeting our bank payment commitments. One morning when collecting the mail Neil opened a letter addressed to the church. Enclosed was a cheque that almost completely paid off the loan on the property! The same thing (cheque in the mail) happened again and cleared the balance entirely! It is such a blessing to see the Lord's providence in this way.

In 1997, a building in Shepparton was made available to the church at no charge. It was relocated here and has been used for Sunday school, youth work, growth groups, prayer meetings, Sunday lunches, morning teas and for various other meetings.

In 1998 River City Christian College brought 5.2 acres from the church. Some of the finance from the sale was used to build the new Chapel for the church in 2001 which has been a great blessing of the Lord.

In 1999, the church changed it's name to the current, "Echuca Community Church". The reasons behind this change were (a) to help clear confusion with other the Baptist church in Echuca (now a Lutheran Church), and (b) to be known as a church that is community focused.

Over the past 30 years we have had a number of pastors including: Buddy Smith (founding pastor), Gordon Manning, Alex Percy, Joe Nelson (interim), Jack Partridge (interim), John Flack, Paul Archer, George Moran (interim) and David McAllan (current).

Praise God for His faithfulness to us here at E.C.C.!