Our fellowship practises the two ordinances instructed in the New Testament: Baptism and Communion.


As taught in the New Testament, baptism is the full immersion of the professing believer in water. As Jesus commanded in Matt. 28:18ff baptism is part of the process of making disciples. It is the initial step a believer takes on his or her journey with Christ. Baptism was the marker through which God promises forgiveness of sins and the gift of His presence in one's life (Acts 2:38ff). It is also the marker through which the church gives recognition and acceptance into fellowship of the one baptised.


Otherwise known as the Lord's Supper, Communion is a time set aside for the specific remembrance of our Lord's death, burial and resurrection (Matt. 26:26-28). It is an opportunity to commune with Christ as the church "re-lives" the events of that day and the extent of its meaning and purpose in the life of the church. We celebrate Communion every Sunday as per the practise of the early church.